A two-part evening by William Forsythe

Performed together as a two-part evening, the works »Whole in the Head« and »Stellentstellen« investigate two distinct but intrinsically related choreographic vectors. For »Whole in the Head, William Forsythe returned to the 1986 work »Die Befragung des Robert Scott«, which was grounded in improvised variations of a choreographed phrase. Utilizing the original phrase as a spatio-temporal object, the ensemble generated complement negative versions, which they fragment and fugue.
Whereas »Whole in the Head« isolates the negative space and real time of a danced phrase, »Stellentstellen« instead takes as its impetus the immobilizing close contact of knotted limbs: static sculptural configurations that essentially render time absent. When these figures are unknotted, the dancers’ actual experience of the inner spaces of these entanglements informs the ensuing performance.

No admittance to children under the age of 6.