The Nikel Project - SONGS & POEMS

By MAMAZA and Ensemble Nikel

One was named music, the other one dance. Did they want to be with each other, they had to give up their independence and to subordinate to the other: a love attachment of two non-equal partners who have been quarrelling with each other for a fairly long time, but yet cannot leave each other.

The longing for a profound and mature partnership has convoked 5 contemporary artists of whom each had originally committed him and herself or to music or to dance. For the dance came the choreograph collective MAMAZA; for the music the Ensemble Nikel lined up: They met in a new empty an unknown space where they tried to find a way to meet. When they faced each other they didn’t understand one another. When they stood behind each other, they commenced to see the other. When they stood beside side by side they began to recognize each other. But only when they stood inside of each other they started to experience the other.

It was, and still is, a long and interminable process to lead the other into the own space and to acquaint him to this space. Musicians dance? Dancers play music? And doing this, they leave all the known and trodden paths aside to avoid falling in the old trap of the dominating past. In the collective research on each other they try to find a common way of expression which is not supposed  to appear like dance and music but to be a third way that has not become language yet and whose idiomatic singularities can be utilized only with caution and after detailed examination. Visible compositions and audible choreography float in each other to open a third space that activate senses we haven’t discovered yet.

One hour before the start of the performance MAMAZA and the Ensemble Nikel will offer to the audience a warm up of around 20 minutes that will not explain the ideas and questions of the piece as introductions usually are supposed to do, but will provide an insight into the physical and musical work of the artists. The humorous exercises will enhance the concentration, and prepare body and mind to get involved in a new way with the following piece.

No special outfit required.

Public talk with the artists following each performance.