N.N.N.N. / Study # 3

Choreographies by William Forsythe

»N.N.N.N.« appears as a mind in four parts, four men in a state of constant, tacit connection. Underscored by the sudden murmured flashes of Thom Willems music, the men enter into a complex, intense inscription. Their arms, heads, bodies and legs become singular voices, each tuned and in counterpoint to the other. The men write out a text of the voice of the body, slowly, then more and more rapidly, coalescing over and over into a linked entity of flinging arms, folding joints and a sharp, high sense of time.


Puccini’s opera ›Madama Butterfly‹, derided at its La Scala premiere for perceived reliances on motifs from his other works, underwent minor changes and was received with great acclaim at its subsequent premiere at the Teatro Grande in Brescia. In creating »Study # 3« at the same theater, Forsythe reflected on both the relevance of the venue and coincidental parallels between Puccini’s opera and his own works. The resulting re-presentation of vocal and motion elements drawn from across 30 years of Forsythe’s repertoire allows a newly counterpointed kinetic opera to emerge from within contexts that are simultaneously foreign and familiar.

In cooperation with the Teatro Grande, Brescia.