The Frankfurt LAB is a rehearsal and performance space for experimental work in the performing arts and music with two seperate halls. Its’ partners Ensemble Modern, the Forsythe Company, Hessische Theaterakademie, Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst, and Künstlerhaus Mousonturm all share the artistic responsibility for it.

In the spring of 2014 the Frankfurt LAB is putting a residency out for tender for the first time. The residency is meant for artists from every branch. It offers a month’s worth of time for research, prepare and progress of artistic work in one of the given rehearsal spaces. A residency means not only having a rehearsal space, but also technical equipment (as much as is available), basic technical assistance, as well as financial help for the needed material and a 700 Euro grant for each of a maximum of 3 people to a group. One can also agree on having part of the accommodation and travel expenses paid for.

The Frankfurt LAB will also offer a new way of presenting the results of a residency, called Miniaturen.

4 groups will be awarded a residency 2014. 2 of these groups will share the big rehearsal hall at a time. This is possible by dividing the hall, leaving about 250 square meters per studio. Furthermore there will be work space installed in the lounge of Frankfurt LAB.


The application should illustrate the artistic intention and the question, which the artist wants to work with in the time they have in Frankfurt LAB (max. 3 pages). There must also be a motivational letter to clarify the present need for the residency in the group or due to a certain point in a career (max. 1 page). The application should also contain curriculum vitae of every member of the group and an example of a late project done by the group. All documents including the application form (download on www.frankfurt-lab.de/aktuelles/detail/ausschreibung_residenzprogramm.html) must be sent via email and all added media which can not be send per mail must be made available for the jury online. The decisions for or against applications will be made by one representative of the partner institutions and an external expert on the matter.

Application deadline on February 23rd 2014

Please send any further questions, as well as your application to: residencies -at- frankfurt-lab.de

The applicants will be informed about the juries’ decision on March 15th 2014.

Residence phases 2014:
April 08th - May 8th & August 6th - September 6th

Photo: Walter Vorjohann


At the end of 2009 through the initiative of the Ensemble Modern, the Forsythe Company, the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst and the Hessische Theaterakademie the charitable location Frankfurt LAB was funded. Since then the association has been running 2 halls of 900 square meters in total on the space Kommunikationsfabrik in Frankfurt's Gallusviertel. It is shared by the partners equally. An ideal rehearsal space and performance venue was created - in the Frankfurt LAB artists are presented with rehearsal time and space in an unconventional dimension, they are able to create new pieces and forms of performance and work experimentally and openly in the laboratory. The Frankfurt LAB offers space for pieces which would not be realised in the constraints of an ordinary theatre hall.

The responsibility for its artistic profile lies in the hands of the five partner institutions and their technical supervisors. The Frankfurt LAB itself has a staff of three - two permanent positions and a voluntary social year. Other than the help of the permanent staff, the artists are offered two shifts to work with technicians to optimize their technical setup.

The production hall, hall 1, is the larger of both halls, 652 square meters in total, and is equipped with a stage floor and a lighting rig. The walls are in a light colour, but with an all-round curtain system the hall can be transformed into a black box. The hall also has a movable and individually adjustable sitting tribune. The technical basic equipment of the hall includes video technique as well as lighting and audio equipment.

The hall will be separated in the middle by a curtain, creating two studios (250 and 350 square meters) for the time of the residency. Both studios will be equipped thoroughly with lighting and audio for the rehearsing groups. The lounge (90 square meters) is a light room by the entrance of the Frankfurt LAB. It will be transformed into an atelier/common room, where artists will be able to work at desks. A kitchen, changing rooms and showers are further spatial features of the Frankfurt LAB.


Adding to the residency, the Frankfurt LAB is working on a new format of presentation. With Miniaturen the artists have the chance to present their work "en miniature": as a scenic drawing of a bigger context, as a motion study, which's concept was written for a larger amount of dancers, as a speech about past or future works, as a room installation showing the potential of another setting. The Miniatur can refer to past, future or works never to be done. On the one hand Miniatur is a form of imagining and rehearsing artistic approaches, while on the other hand it is a stimulus to work in a small and compact time frame. Making the works small enables the artists to reach a reflective attitude towards their work, which – in our opinion – is a very adequate way of presenting work to an interested public. Participating in these Miniaturen presentations is voluntary and open to both residents and students of the universities with which the Frankfurt LAB cooperates.


Frankfurt LAB / Schmidtstraße 12 / 60326 Frankfurt am Main / Germany / Project Management: Florian Ackermann
Phone +49 (0)69 - 97 328 863 / info -at- frankfurt-lab.de / www.frankfurt-lab.de

Frankfurt LAB's residency is made possible by the Kulturfonds RheinMain and the Land Hessen, as well as the BHF-Bank-Stiftung, the ALTANA Kulturstiftung, the Crespo Foundation, the Dr-Marschner-Stiftung and the Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft.

Frankfurt LAB is an initiative by: Ensemble Modern, Hessische Theaterakademie, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and The Forsythe Company. Frankfurt LAB is made possible by the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain and the foundations BHF-BANK-Stiftung, ALTANA Kulturstiftung, Crespo Foundation, Dr. Marschner Stiftung and Polytechnische Gesellschaft Frankfurt am Main.