Legítimo/Rezo - Vielfalt

Zweiteiliger Tanzabend 

Originally from San Sebastián, Spain, Jone San Martin appeared with the Barcelona Ballet, the Ballet Nacional de España and the Ballet royal de Wallonie in Belgium before becoming a member of the Frankfurt Ballet in 1992. Explaining William Forsythe’s creative process, she makes reference to Lawrence Durrell’s observation that truth disappears with the telling of it, and all you can do is continue to share it (Clea, The Alexandria Quartet). She offers an in-depth look at the unique choreographic process developed by Forsythe and his Frankfurt Ballet dancers, a program that is divided into two parts: a solo performance and a lecture-demonstration of Forsythe’s use of dance notation.
“I want to speak about how the dancer uses this material and, by dancing, explain to the greatest possible extent the process that, once everything has been written down, continues to take place until the choreography or the basis for improvisation exists,” San Martin says. She describes the process as a unique approach that requires the mastery of improvisational techniques before dancers can begin transforming the information contained in the notation into movement. The result is an “unusual degree of freedom and responsibility when it comes to interpretation,” since the decisions, once made, determine the final choreography. The solo created for her by Forsythe serves to clarify this process. “It provides the general form of what the piece might look like; I create the actual content,” she explains. In other words, her task is to complete the process and give it shape…

What do we do when we show ourselves.
What do we do when we watch.
In performance.

In «Vielfalt» Nicole Peisl, choreographer and dancer of the Forsythe Company, asks, how do the conditions of performance affect (amplify, transform, charge) how we manage to show ourselves and how we manage to perceive. Victory and defeat, stillness and gesture, sound, humor, posture, ropes and two beautiful dancers, these are the ingredients out ofwhich «Vielfalt» is composed. In making «Vielfalt», Nicole Peisl has worked closely with dancers Elena Giannotti and Satu Herrala. «Vielfalt» grows out of Peisls ongoing creative, research and teaching collaboration with philosopher Alva Noë.

Commissioned by The Forsythe Company for Motion Bank